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Winter Skincare and Your Outdoor Activities

Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy can be a challenge during the winter months.  Dry cold air and indoor heat pulls moisture from your skin causing it to become dry, itchy, irritated and damaged.  Add to that, the fun of outdoor activities such as skiing, sledding and snowboarding and your skin may very well end up with the winter blues.  Below, we have a few simple tips that will help you avoid dry irritated skin as well as long term damage.

Winter Skincare and our Outdoor Activities


One of the most important things you can do for your skin is use sunscreen.  Worrying about a sunburn and damage from the sun’s harmful rays may not be on the top of your list when it is cold and cloudy but it should be.  The sun’s rays can penetrate through the clouds and damage your skin. On bright sunny days when there is a lot of snow or ice you are at risk for a winter sunburn.  Enjoy your time outdoors without the worry of skin damage by applying an SPF of 30 or higher prior to participating in outdoor activities.

Moisturize!  From head to toe, it is important to apply a cream, lotion or moisturizing oil.  Cold temperatures and wind pull moisture from your skin.  Before going out, moisturize your entire body.  While out, reapply your moisturizer to your face,  hands and any other exposed areas.  Your skin will only absorb a certain amount of moisture at a time so it is best to always reapply. To make it easy, keep a travel size cream on hand.  These small tubes easily fit into a coat pocket or bag and make for easy on the go moisturizing.

Chapped, dry and burning lips are no fun.  Time playing outside combined with the outdoor elements can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to your lip's health. Make sure to moisturize with a hydrating lip balm before, during and after your activity.  Also avoid licking your lips as that will contribute to damage.

Dress for the season, layer up and avoid wearing cotton.   Cotton absorbs moisture and when next to your skin will soak up perspiration.  This can lead to a chill and the wet fabric against your skin may cause irritation.  Try to wear items made from fabrics designed to absorb moisture and keep you warm.  Don’t forget to always wear gloves or mittens. Bring an extra pair along with an extra socks in case you get wet.

After a day in the cold it may feel good to take a long hot shower.  Don’t!!  Hot water pulls moisture from your skin which may cause damage.  Keep your shower lukewarm and don’t stay under the water for an extended time.  Once out, moisturize right away.  Damp skin absorbs moisture better than dry skin.

As always, drink lots of water.  Hydrate from the inside out to try to prevent dryness.  Avoid drinks that contain alcohol or caffeine as these both pull moisture from your skin.

Don't let the fear of dry, cracking skin and lips keep your from your outdoor fun in the winter.  Follow our few simple steps and you will be able to keep your skin healthy and happy all season long.

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