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Summer Skincare-Tips for Healthy Skin

Summer sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin.  Some damage you may see right away like blisters and burns.  Other damage, like sun spots and wrinkles, may not appear for many years but when it does it is too late to reverse it. Sun damage such as premature aging will make you look older than you are but it can also have far worse consequences such as melanoma.  There are several summer skincare tips you can follow to help keep your skin healthy while still enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

Cococare Summer Skincare Tips

Use Sunscreen

Always apply sunscreen to your face, neck and chest as well as your arms, legs and back.  It is recommended to use a sunscreen that contains an SPF 30 or greater and apply it 30 minutes before going into the sun.  If outside for extended periods of time reapply at least every two hours.  After spending time in the pool you will also need to reapply your sunscreen.  This is your first line of defense and one of the most important ways to help protect your skin.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat gives your face an additional layer of protection from the sun.  Help block the rays with a wide rim hat that will provide some additional shade to your face.

Eat Right and Hydrate

What you put in your body has an effect on the health of your skin.  A diet rich in antioxidants will help fight free radical damage to your skin.  Leafy greens, blueberries and salmon are all examples of foods that will help nourish your skin. Drink lots of water and eat water rich foods. Water helps keep your skin moisturized so make sure to drink the recommended eight eight ounce glasses of water a day. Take advantage of delicious water rich summer fruits such as watermelon.

Moisturize Your Skin

The sun can take the moisture out of your skin causing it to dry out.  Make sure you apply a rich moisturizing cream, oil or natural butter daily.  100% natural oils such as Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil and Argan Oil are all nutrient rich oils that nourish your skin while moisturizing. Moisturizers rich in antioxidants are ideal choices because the antioxidants will help fight free radical damage the sun may cause.  Vitamin E rich oils creams and  lotions will help provide the antioxidants your skin needs to fight damage caused by the sun.


all natural vitamine e body oil

Wear Less Makeup

We all want to look our best all the time.  However, in the summer try to go light on the makeup.  Heavy foundations and powders can clog your pores, especially during the hot humid days of summer.  Heat and humidity can cause sweating which opens up your pores allowing dirt and makeup to get in. This may make you more susceptible to a breakout, especially if you are acne prone.

Wear Clothing with SPF Protection

Sitting on the beach or by a pool may be a great time to lie back and relax, enjoy a book or play in the sand.  However, the open space of the beach or being poolside with the sun beating down on you creates the perfect conditions for a burn.  Wear a swim shirt made from material that has SPF protection built into it.  These shirts are comfortable to wear, absorb water and protect you from the UV rays of the sun all at the same time!

Avoid the Sun During Peak Hours

The sun is at its strongest during the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  If possible avoid being outside during those hours.  If you are outside wear a hat, sit under an umbrella or find a shady spot under a tree.

That fresh summer glow spending time in the sun gives your skin always looks nice.  However, the damage too much sun can cause can have irreversible consequences.  Be smart and follow a few simple steps that will allow you to enjoy your time in the sun while protecting your skin from the harmful rays.

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