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Skincare During Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here. The symptoms these viruses cause make you feel terrible and worrying about your skin’s appearance can make you feel worse.  Chapped lips, puffy eyes and red peeling nostrils are all things we can relate to when suffering from a cold or the flu.  There are things you can do to avoid sick looking skin when you are feeling under the weather. Read below for our skincare tips for cold and flu season.


Skincare for Cold and Flu Season

Dry winter air pulls moisture out of your skin.  Add the constant need for tissues and cold medicines that dry you out and you have disaster written all over it.  This is especially true for your nose and the outer rim of your nostrils.  A runny nose that you are always wiping or the need to cover a sneeze can result in a red and painful nose.  The best way to combat this is to moisturize.  Use a cream, lotion, 100% natural oil or butter several times throughout the day and prior to bed.  Petroleum Jelly is another great option that soothes while it protects.  The added hydration a moisturizer provides helps combat redness, cracking and chapping.  Keep your favorite moisturizer at your bedside.  If you feel too sick to get out of bed you will have it handy for use throughout the day and night.

Helpful Tip:  To avoid touching your nose with your fingers put your moisturizer on a Q-tip and apply.

When you are sick you are constantly washing your hands which can lead to painful cracks.  Make sure you moisturize your hands several times a day and after washing.  Use your favorite moisturizer to help rehydrate your drying fingers and cuticles.  You can even wear cotton gloves after applying a moisturizer.  This will help lock in moisture and restore your skin’s moisture balance.

Use of a humidifier at night increases the moisture in the air.  It not only helps lead to easier breathing and a good night’s sleep but it also helps add moisture back to your skin.

Beware of the tissues you are using.  Not all tissues are the same. The friction tissues create on your nose can cause the dreaded red nose that is chapped, peeling and painful.  Choose a softer tissue or one that has added moisturizers such as aloe vera or lotion.  Avoid scented tissues as the fragrance may cause more irritation.

Stay hydrated and drink lots of water.  If you are dehydrated your skin will be dry as well.  Your first defense to dry skin is to hydrate it from the inside out.

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