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Healthy Summer Haircare Tips

The summer is in full swing and that means we have plenty of days left to have fun in the sun and sand.  So that we enjoy our time in the sun most of us lather up with a head to toe SPF to prevent sunburn. We feel well protected and ready for fun.   However, we tend to forget that salt water, chlorine and the sun can wreak havoc on our hair. Protecting your hair is just as important as your skin.  We have a few tips that will help keep your locks glowing all season long.

Summer Healthy Hair Tips

Wear a hat or scarf.  Floppy hats, baseball hats or fashionable scarves will prevent direct sunlight from hitting your hair.  It will not give you 100% protection but it will help shield your hair from harmful UV rays.   If your hair is highlighted or colored, a fashionable hat or scarf will help preserve your color and prevent bleaching from the sun.

Wear a loose braid or bun.  We all love loose flowing locks but when at the beach or pool you are best off putting your hair up.  Wearing it in a bun, braid or ponytail will help prevent tangles and keep your hair healthier.

Go natural.  Give your hair a break from the damaging effects of hair blowers and irons. Let your hair dry naturally or braid it.  After a few hours undo your braid for a wavy natural style. If you must blow dry lower the temperature and use a nozzle for more effective drying.

Avoid drying hair styling products such as hair spray, gel and mousse.  If you need something to help keep your hair tame try a 100% natural oil such as Argan Oil or a deep penetrating hair conditioner.  The added moisture provided will help keep your hair looking its best.

Lock in moisture.  Exposure to the sun, salt water and chlorine can pull moisture from your hair leaving it dry and brittle.  Wetting and conditioning your hair prior to a swim will help decrease the amount of chlorine absorbed, reduce dryness and help prevent tangles and knots.  You can opt for an all-natural moisturizer such as 100% Coconut Oil.  This 100% oil deeply penetrates and coats the hair providing it with the necessary hydration needed for healthy hair.  Rinse and condition your hair after a swim to help wash away chlorine build up or salt water on your hair.  Conditioning after a swim will help add moisture back to your hair that salt water or chlorine may have removed.

Don't let the fear of sun damage to your hair (and skin) prevent you from having a sun filled fun summer.  A few simple steps incorporated into your beauty routine will help keep your locks healthy and happy all summer long.

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