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Protect Your Lips This Winter with a Hydrating Lip Balm

cocoa butter lip balm

It’s a gray, wintry day, and you’re preparing to head out into the cold.

You make your mental checklist: Coat? Yes. Hat? Check. Gloves? Got them. Boots? Firmly laced.

And covering your mouth?

If you’re not in the habit of keeping your mouth protected in winter time, you’re not alone.

That’s a problem, because the skin on our lips is much more fragile than the rest of our face, meaning it dries out much faster and requires extra protection.

Here are a few tips on keeping your lips protected and healthy this winter:

1. Try not to lick your lips

We get it: You’re inside all day where the air is dry, and your natural inclination is to lick your lips to help moisten them. Your saliva contains acids that can irritate your lips. Don’t do it.

2. Use the right lip balm

A lip balm that contains nutrient-rich ingredients such as vitamin e – found in cocoa butter lip balm – or coconut oil can moisturize your lips and help heal cracks.

3. Don’t rub or brush flaky lips

If your lips are peeling and flaky, it’s best not to scrub or pick at that skin, which creates cracks and sores and makes things worse.

Apply an ointment-based balm and let your lips heal. When cracks develop, treat them as soon as possible to avoid infection.

4. Put on lip balm before bed

A lot of us sleep with our mouths open, which can cause our lips to become dry overnight. A dose of cocoa butter lip balm before you go to sleep can keep your lips moisturized. Add a humidifier to your room to help prevent dry air.

Why cocoa butter?

People have used cocoa butter for hundreds of years to create natural skin moisturizers. Cocoa butter is an emollient, which means it smooths and softens the skin and adds a layer of hydration to the lips. This is useful in wintertime, when cold weather, sun damage and indoor heat can dry out our lips.

Are you tired of battling chapped lips each winter? Cococare can help. We carry an array of hydrating lip balms, including aloe vera, coconut, shea butter and cocoa butter lip balm.

You can buy them individually, but it’s worth pointing out that we sell our lip balms in gift bags, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Browse our site to see our full collection of lip balms, and give yourself – or someone you love – the gift of happier, healthier lips.

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