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Celebrate Your Selfie

Happy National Selfie Day!

You hear it all the time, “Let’s take a selfie.”  Taking a picture of yourself became a popular trend that caught on in 2012.  It spread like wildfire, permitted by front-facing phone cameras and proliferating on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Selfies are a fabulous way to showcase your personality, self confidence and style whenever and wherever you are. Today on National Selfie Day we are celebrating the selfie with tips on how to take the best shot while looking your best.

Celebrate Your Selfie

Like most trends, there’s a right (and wrong) way to “wear” it.  While selfies appear to be spontaneous and effortless, great shots require planning and practice.

In pursuit of the perfect self-photo, let’s categorize the essential components: you need the right tools, the proper technique, and of course, your self!

Your Tools


Selfies were made possible because smartphones include a high-quality, front-facing camera. Let’s face it, (excuse the pun)  today most people don’t carry a full-fledged camera around with them.  Selfies are a spinoff of the traditional portrait that you can take yourself – just hold one arm out, point and shoot.  Everybody takes them because the trend is accessible to everyone with a smartphone.

Social Media

Instagram and Facebook are social media platforms for sharing your thoughts and good times. These platforms are the  most popular places to post selfies.  You can share pictures whenever you want with friends and family, detailing exactly what you are doing or how much fun you are having.   Instagram Bonus: you can choose from a variety of filters to give your selfie a unique look.

The Selfie Stick (optional)

Selfie sticks are popular because they are useful! They create a wider angle for your shot, so you can photograph bigger groups or include more of your background.

Your Technique

This is where a few photography basics can come in handy. Namely, you want a flattering angle, the right lighting, and a position that will frame your features in the best “light” possible.


Remember, the camera adds 10 pounds. Well not really but it sometimes may appear that way.  To avoid this possible problem, always shoot from slightly above, rather than from the ground up. Keep the camera closer to your face; selfies are about being up-close and personal.


If the lighting is poor, even the best photo will look bad. Think soft, indirect, natural lighting. This is why photographers prefer taking portraits around sunrise or sunset; that’s where the gorgeous glow comes from. Whatever you do, avoid fluorescent lighting – it’s harsh, unforgiving, and will make your selfie look sickly.


Strike a pose! This is your opportunity to showcase your sass, fashion sense, or humorous side. Remember, comfort is key. If you’re uncomfortable, the lens will magnify your discomfort and vice versa.  Not happy with the first selfie, you can take another until you have the perfect shot. 

Your Self

Of course, there would be no selfie without your self. The perfect selfie will accentuate your best facial features, and capture your beauty. That means glossy hair, gorgeous skin, and luscious lips.


Let your hair down to show off  your beautiful locks.   Straight and silky, wild and wavy, long or short, your hair is an important feature of your selfie.   To keep your hair looking good, condition daily with a hair conditioner or natural oil.  Well hydrated, nourished hair will help accentuate your features and highlight your face.  However, some days that may be difficult, hair doesn’t always behave. And of course their is the dreaded bad hair day! Be prepared and keep a moisturizing spray in your bag or car.  If you are having a bad hair day, fighting frizz, flyaways or unruly tangles one quick spray may just do the trick.


Whether you’re puckering up for the camera or flashing your pearly whites, make sure your lips are fully hydrated, so they look smooth and healthy for your photos.  Lip balms not only keep your lips hydrated and healthy, they are a great base for any lip color.  Apply a moisturizing lip balm prior to your lip color and the color will go on smoother and will last longer.  Your luscious lips will enhance any selfie!


The number one goal of a selfie is to highlight your face. Whether you’re smiling, serious, or silly you’ll want your skin to look fresh, smooth, and bright.   Let’s face it, that is not always easy because your complexion can be tricky.  For the best complexion you can have, make sure to moisturize and cleanse your face on a daily basis.  Regular use of a moisturizer will help keep your skin silky smooth and soft.  Daily cleansing will help wash away bacteria, makeup and sweat,  all of which can lead to clogged pores and acne.  A regular skincare routine will help keep your face to look its best and be camera ready.

Good selfies rely on camera angles and good lighting. Great selfies incorporate a skincare routine that maintains health and highlights natural beauty (#nofilter).

Lights, camera, action!

Share your selfie with us on Instagram: @cococare_products or on Facebook: @cococareproducts.  Use #cococareselfie when posting your shot.

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