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Body Oil- An Ideal After Sun Skin Moisturizer

Keeping your skin moisturized and healthy is always a challenge. Throughout the year we face different obstacles due to changes in the seasons. In the winter, cold temperatures, wind and dry air cause skin to dry out, chap and crack. During the summer, humidity is high and our skin is exposed to the sun which causes dry skin and sunburn. Long term, too much sun exposure may cause premature aging and skin disease.  Before sun skincare is important and an SPF should be applied 30 minutes prior to going outside and reapplied every two hours.  However, to maintain healthy skin after sun skincare is also important. The goal is to offset the damaging effects of the sun and meet your skin’s needs by hydrating and restoring its natural moisture balance.

After Sun Skincare

Body oils are one of the best type of skin moisturizers available on the market today and are suitable for all skin types. These oils are lightweight and non-greasy. When applied to the skin, body oils absorb quickly, replenish lost nutrients and seal in moisture. Daily use and after sun exposure results in skin that is radiant, moisturized and smooth.

Body oils can be used in the bath. Soaps and warm water can be drying to the skin especially if the sun has drawn out moisture.. Adding one or two capfuls of a moisturizing body oil to your bath will give the bath water moisturizing qualities. Your skin will feel soft and conditioned. To further nourish your skin, massage the body oil onto your damp skin after bathing. Damp skin will absorb the oil much faster than skin that is dry.

The lightweight, non-greasy nature of a body oil makes these moisturizers ideal for use during a massage. Ask your massage therapist to apply your favorite body oil to your skin while they give you a relaxing massage. Your muscles and mind will benefit from the advantages of a massage while your skin is conditioned and soothed.

Moisturizing body oils are available with many different ingredients. Which oil is best for you will be dependent on your need and preference. Cocoa Butter is an all-natural moisturizer rich in Vitamin E that helps aid in the production of collagen, helps combat wrinkles and aids in the prevention of stretch marks.  This all natural butter is an ideal after sun moisturizer.  Use of a Cocoa Butter Body Oil will quench dry skin and at the same time help offset the natural effects of the aging and pregnancy.

Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and helps protect your skin from the damage caused by free radicals. Using a Vitamin E Body Oil on a daily basis and after sun exposure provides your skin with the nourishment needed to replace lost moisture and at the same time helps keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Coconut Oil is one of nature’s best treasures. Coconut Oil is rich in fatty acids, helps get antioxidants into the skins surface and at the same time serves as a protective layer to the skin. Coconut Moisturizing Body Oil absorbs quickly, hydrates and protects the skin. This moisturizing body oil rich in Coconut Oil will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after a day in the sun.

Moisturizing with a body oil after a day of fun in the sun will help keep your skin healthy.  You will feel and see the difference.

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